ShaeWellness Services

ShaeWellness provides the only services in the world that are completely tailored to you and each of your employees at all times.

ShaeWellness Personalized Wellness Portal™

ShaeWellness Personal Wellness PortalShaeWellness provides a personalized wellness portal for each individual in your team, with support for nutrition, fitness, stress management, environmental, productivity and social relations, all based on an individual’s body.


Cutting edge technology allows us to now quantify your employees health tendencies, natural talents and brain function through a 30 minute assessment process that can be done at home. This simple assessment provides the information your employees need to be healthy and happy, based on their current and ever-changing gene expression.This means that your employee always has current, relevant health and wellness advice.


Not only can your employee can access life-changing personalized support and advice for their health, the new Shae app can literally manage their health for them, providing real-time notifications to keep them in top shape all day. Connecting wearables improves productivity even more, allowing stress to be identified and managed before it even manifests.


Using epigenetics, your employees will vastly improve their health and fitness, increase productivity, improve mood, relations and communication and decrease stress levels. This allows you to witness less absenteeism, decreased health insurance claims, greater productivity, happiness translating to an increased bottom line.

ShaeWellness Corporate Interface™

ShaeWellness Corporate InterfaceNo other corporate wellness program really caters to your business and your employees.


Because each of your employees is has unique talents, different social needs, varying motivational methods and unique responses to stress, ShaeWellness helps to combine the health advice of all your employees into one platform where you can easily manage your team.


  • Imagine knowing where to locate John so he can be most productive.
  • Imagine knowing when Sally will work most efficiently or when Jack will be able to convert sales most effectively.
  • Imagine knowing that simple praise will motivate Stephen while a long lunch will motivate Jane.
  • Imagine having a team that is innately happy, motivated, and inspired to be productive every day because their workplace caters to them as an individual.  

ShaeWellness Corporate Interface™ is a simple cloud based web-app that allows you to manage your team to the utmost: identifying and supporting their natural strengths, innate reward & motivation styles, optimal work environment, physical health, mental acuity and team roles to maximise workflow, productivity, happiness and overall bottom line.

ShaeWellness Personalized Wellness Coaching

ShaeWellness Personalized Wellness CoachingShaeWellness Personalized Wellness Coaching can be tailored to suit your needs. We notice that compliance, and results both improve by around 30% when some form of coaching is maintained for employees.

ShaeWellness Personalized Wellness Coaching is flexible, offering Virtual coaching (via Skype or Zoom) for individuals or groups covering a variety of topics from broad health and wellness to specific individual health risks and strategies to keep your team performing at their best.

ShaeWellness Personalized Wellness Ambassador Training

ShaeWellness Ambassador

The ShaeWellness Ambassador is your in-house go-to person for your employees with all things relating to Shae. Your Wellness Ambassadors are qualified to answer technical questions, as well as coach your team to support and motivate their personal health. Why have Wellness Ambassadors? As a role model, extra support for those who need it and excellent opportunity to upskill, your Wellness Ambassadors improve morale, compliance and productivity at your workplace, allowing your team to thrive.  

Let us upskill your select employees as an in-house Wellness Ambassadors. Initial training takes place in person and covers coaching for individuals using the Shae Biotrends, coaching structure & implementation and navigating the Corporate Interface.

Your Wellness Ambassadors continue to be upskilled as part of the ShaeWellness program with bi-annual virtual training and access to our Wellness Ambassador Support Network.

Don't waste time and energy with generic wellness programs.

Harness the innate talents of each employee for the most satisfying and profitable workplace possible with ShaeWellness.