What is ShaeWellness?

ShaeWellness is the world’s first epi-genetics corporate wellness program. A low-cost solution teaching staff how to eliminate stress, disease, and chronic pain before it becomes a health claim cost for everyone.
Your staff each lead unique lives
ShaeWellness analyzes their genetic codes and lifestyle factors to automate completely tailored health and wellness advice available via desktop or app 24/7. No mouth swabs, needles, or fluid tests required. Just practical, easy-to-implement advice for workplace and home life available on all devices.

What does ShaeWellness do?

ShaeWellness provides epigenetics insights to the workplace in practical and easy-to-integrate applications such as: Where is the best position for your desk; space and ergonomic adjustments; best break time foods and activities; productivity; interpersonal communication tips; etc

Let ShaeWellness make you a market leader

Gain early access to the power of ph360 to engage and optimize you and your workplace with our new corporate wellness program ShaeWellness, currently in BETA phase.
We are currently running a BETA testing phase right now and connecting with progressive, like-minded companies looking for a convenient and comprehensive wellness program to support employees health at work and at home.

Will you join us?

We are looking to partner with progressive businesses who understand their employees are their most important assets and treat them as such.
For a limited time your workplace can join the personalized health revolution with a free 30 Day Health Challenge program for companies to benefit from engaging their staff in a fun, interactive, and informative team building program with FREE access to ph360 and SHAE for 30 Days!
Looking for a team activity or morale booster in the workplace? Or already have a corporate health and wellness program that could use a fresh new initiative? No need to look further.
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