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What is ShaeWellness?

ShaeWellness is the new generation of corporate wellness, allowing both your business and your employees to achieve optimal wellness in 360 degrees of life.

ShaeWellness not only provides your employees with a cutting edge personalised health program, it also with the tools you need to optimise your team.

ShaeWellness utilizes the latest shopping technology to personalize recommendations for each individual In your organization. Providing them with the support and resources they need to feel 100% healthy, happy and motivated during their day at work and beyond.

But that’s not all. ShaeWellness even helps you organize, place, manage, motivate and reward your team individually (how it actually works best for them) from one simple interface. Ensuring that productivity is at an all time high and profit margins soar.

What makes ShaeWellness different?

Personalized solutions for each individual
Personalized solutions for each individual
Each employee has 24/7 online access to nutrition, fitness, stress management, environmental, productivity and relational support and advice, 100% tailored specifically to them.
Corporate interface to manage productivity
Corporate interface to manage productivity
The unique ShaeWellness Corporate Interface allows you to schedule your employee time, environment and job role to optimize their natural talents, innate strengths and chronobiology.
Truly Personalized health coaching
Truly Personalized health coaching
Virtual Personalized Wellness Coaching for individuals or groups enhances team synthesis, individual productivity and health. Tailored to the employee’s natural talents and learning styles.
In-house training of wellness ambassadors
In-house training of wellness ambassadors
Choose to utilize our specialised health coaching team or allow us to train in-house Wellness Ambassadors to manage your coaching and improve the health and perfomance of your team.

What does ShaeWellness cost?

ShaeWellness is tailored to your needs. Choose one of our packages or let us customize a solution specifically for you. 


Don't waste time and energy with generic wellness programs.

Harness the innate talents of each employee for the most satisfying and profitable workplace possible with ShaeWellness.